Illuminated Signs: Give Customers a Way to Find Your Business Day and Night

When you have a business that caters to the public, it is important to make it as convenient as possible for people to find you. There are many ways to light up a sign, depending on the style you want, your budget, what’s allowed under the sign code in your municipality, and other factors. Here are some options:

  • Channel Letters: Signs featuring module lettering shaped from aluminum. The letters can be fitted with light emitting diodes (LEDs) to create a maximized visibility in any lighting. The can have a translucent face (light shines through), a solid face (light shines behind them, also known as reverse channel letters or halo-lit), or open face with exposed neon for a distinctive look.
  • Sign Cabinets: A sign that is self-enclosed in a typically square or rectangular structure and houses an internal light system for illumination of a translucent sign face. Also sometimes known as box sign or light box. 
  • Logo Box: Similar to the sign cabinet but formed in the shape of a logo. 
  • Externally-lit Sign: A sign that is illuminated by an external light source directed at the sign face. Also known as direct illumination.
  • Exposed Neon: The glass tubes of a neon sign can be bent and formed into almost any shape to create lettering and iconic graphics. The color of the tubing and the gas used in the tube combine to provide different colors of light emitted. 
  • Acrylic Push-Through Letters in a Sign Cabinet: A letter or graphic which is cut out, then pushed through a corresponding space that has been removed from a sign substrate. The push-through is typically different color and/or material than the rest of the sign. Typically used with an opaque sign cabinet and internal lighting. Pushed-through letters can be flush with or project slightly from the front of the sign face.
  • And more!




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