Channel Letters: High Impact Signs with Effective Detailing and More

I am sure you have noticed those large signs that hang above the storefronts of well known businesses and grocery stores. They feature the name and often branding associated with the establishment, and more often than not are quite large. These are channel letter signs, and one of the most successful forms of exterior identifying signage in the industry today!


What is a Channel Letter?

The specifications for a channel letter sign are the way it is made, the way it is installed, and the final effect it gives. Usually aluminum is used in fabrication, as it is rust-resistant. The aluminum is shaped into a letter with a module that can hold wiring for illumination detailing, and a panel that is made using vinyl most commonly. They are mounted either directly to the building or on a race-way platform for easier access to the electrical components. The final look is always one that sparks interest and creates a lasting impression with those that see it. A definite recommended product for any business looking to make an impact within their community.


How to Customize Your Sign

Channel letter signs offer an array of customizing options. Whether you are appealing to a specific crowd, utilizing your branding look, or trying to match the prerequisites of a building complex, our design team is on hand to help. Some of the personalizing touches we offer include:

  • Color Match and Reproduction Services
  • High Resolution Imaging Printing
  • LED Wiring for Maximized Visibility
  • Stylized Fonts
  • And More!


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